7 Pawesome Cat Cafe Around The World

7 Pawesome Cat Cafe Around The World

Do you love to travel? If yes, you might want to visit these cafes when you visit these countries. Here are seven cat cafe that will give you warmth and inspurration.

1. Le Cat Cafe (Philadephia, USA)

Owner Kathy Jordan said the idea behind Le Cat Cafe is simple "Cats roam freely in an environment where they feel comfortable, while customers can sip coffee, tea or hot chocolate - all provided free by Jordan - and mingle with the cats of Green Street Rescue."


2. Cat Cafe Purrth (Perth, Australia)

This lovely cat cafe open in 2016 and extremely popular. There is 11 feline resident and they are very furriendly. The cafe offers delicious sweet treats to nibble while you relax with the cat.


3. Cat's Attic (Seoul, South Korea)

In Seoul not only you heard about a cat cafe but they also have sheep cafe, raccoon cafe, and several dog cafes. The Cat's Attic if one of the most popular cat cafes for tourist. The New York Loft vibe makes the cat stay cool, you have to try to give them treat to get their attention.


4. MoCHA (Harajuku, Japan)

This is one of the chicest cat cafes in the world amidst the most fashionable neighborhood in Japan. It is a luxurious hangout place in the middle of Tokyo's crowd.


5. Cafe des Chats (Paris, France)

Adopted cats from animal shelters, the cafe opened for the first time in 2013. Their cats are sociable and love to get along with people. While enjoying nice beverages, you can release your stress by petting cats.


6. Ah Meow Cat Cafe (Hong Kong)

Located hidden away in a building it is one of the cutest Cafe in Hong Kong. The food that served here is kitty-themed too. Besides you can see some pedigree cats including Scottish fold. You can enjoy eating ice cream with paw print cookies :P


7. Kotiki i Lyudi (Moscow, Russia)

Get to know the rescue kitties in Moscow, Russia. Located strategically near metro station this cafe has adopted a lot of fur babies. They charge around $7 - $8.5 for you to hang out and take a picture with the cats. You can also adopt the cats from the cafe since they have the network with local shelters.

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