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At Fanfiber we deliver everything you need to set up your fanshop. We take care of everything from design, customer service, payment and delivery.

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We take care of everything from design and customer service to payment and delivery.

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We take care of Mother Earth by printing everyting on-demand and using organic material for your apparel.

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Everyday we work hard to guarantee customers the best fan gear possible, all around the world.

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Everyday we work hard to guarantee customers the best fan gear possible, all around the world.

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A key of the Fanfiber concept is ‘fan value’. While calculating customer value is standard operating procedure in the world of corporate marketing, it is a relatively new concept for the entertainment industry, which has traditionally been more focused on short-term sales than long-term loyalty.

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We’ve been working in close collaboration with the biggest brands out
there to create a new level of fan engagement.


Multi-channel experience for the world’s biggest EDM record label

Warner Music Group is an American multinational entertainment and record label conglomerate. For Spinnin’ Records, the world’s biggest Electronic dance Music (EDM) record label and part of the Warner Music Group, Fanfiber is licensee partner for the official Spinnin’ merchandise online as well as through pop-up stores at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), enabling Spinnin’ to position the Spinnin’ brand globally.

Spinnin Warner Music Group

Brand engagement

Fan engagement on a whole new level

Multiplay is a leading specialist in online game server hosting and organizer of the well known Insomnia Gaming Festival, the UK's largest video games festival. For several Insomnia edition, Fanfiber has been the exclusive merchandise party for event merchandise sales of gaming influencers. Besides that, in collaboration with Multiplay, Fanfiber arranged Meet & Greets of big global influencers at Insomnia events.

Brand activation

Smart sampling campaign with a huge reach

Sportlife is one of the biggest chewing gum brands in the Netherlands as well as Belgium. As Fanfiber has a huge reach among young people, Sportlife decided to use Fanfiber for sampling of new products through online orders bas well as during the Fanfiber booth at events.

Sportlife Logo

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