3 Simple Ways to Reduce The Use of Plastic

3 Simple Ways to Reduce The Use of Plastic

Hi good people!

Do you know there are about a million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute?

Even worst the number will increase into 500 billion plastic bottles by 2021. This will be a massive problem for our environment and could cause a crisis.

Apparently, only 7% of the total number that actually being recycled. The rest would end up in the landfill or into our ocean. Creating massive pollution and will impact our health.

By 2050 (which is around the corner) the number of plastics in the ocean will be way more than fish. Every day these plastic hurting other animals and organisms in the ocean who consume this.

It is part of our responsibility as human beings to help reduce waste. Vardise encourage each every one of us to reduce the use of plastic by doing some simple steps,

1. Change the usage of plastic bottles into reusable bottles.

Bring our own water wherever we go. It might be heavy a little but it is also good for us to stay hydrated. Plus it will save us a bit of money than buying a packaged water bottle.

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2. Change the usage of plastic spoon and fork into the reusable one.

Its pretty simple, you could always bring your own spoon and fork rather than using the disposable one.

3. Reduce the usage of plastic bags and use a tote bag for shopping.

Tote bag is lightweight, spacious, and easy to carry. You could always go shopping fashionably with a tote bag instead of a plastic bag. To make a statement try Vardise's tote bag and create a conversation with others ❀

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Let's do something better each day for us, for young generations, for the voiceless animal and environment.

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