Four Main Reasons Why Cat Loves Get Into a Box?

Four Main Reasons Why Cat Loves Get Into a Box?

Have you ever wondered why cat loves get into a box? If you put a box near a cat usually what they do is getting into the box even though they have to squeeze themselves. Here are some of the reason why cats love boxes:

1. Cats prefer boxes because the enclosed space makes them feel secure. Box offer security to cats.The confined space provides protection from predators, and it’s a great place to stalk prey while remaining virtually unseen.

2. The boxes can act as coping mechanism for cats when they are stressed. Research conducted by Ethologist Claudia Vinke from Utrecht University found a significant difference in stress levels between cats thatΒ had the boxes and those thatΒ didn’t. In effect, the cats with boxes got used to their new surroundings faster, were far less stressed early on, and were more interested in interacting with humans.

3. Box offer a safe place for cats to take a nap without being disturbed. Cats sleep 18 to 20 hours a day, so it makes sense they’d seek out places where they’d be safe from attack.

4. Cats love boxes because it helps them keep. Many cats may enjoy curling up in tiny cardboard boxes it is a great insulator and confined spaces force the cat to ball up or form some other impossible object, which in turn helps it to preserve body heat.

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