Is it Safe to Adopt a Pet with Cerebellar Hypoplasia? This #CHKittenAmbassador Has the Answer.

Is it Safe to Adopt a Pet with Cerebellar Hypoplasia? This #CHKittenAmbassador Has the Answer.

Have you ever heard cerebellar hypoplasia before? Cerebellar hypoplasia or CH is a disorder found in cats and dogs. It’s usually caused by the kitten's mother contracting the Panleukopenia virus (feline distemper) while pregnant. However, the kittens have a possibility to live as long as the normal one.

How can we detect the one with CH disorder? They usually have jerky movements, tremors, and generally having walking and balance problems, as shown below:



Those with CH problems usually are more abandoned than the normal one. But, let’s see the story of Rollie, the #CHkittenAmbassador.

Is it safe to Adopt the CH Cats?

Rollie has been adopted for 7 months, it was on March 2018. He was adopted from Rancho Relaxo in New Jersey and now lives with his family in Massachusetts. On the contrary with what people thought, CH disorder is not getting worse. In fact, Rollie has been better day by day and been actively playing with his brothers, Ash:


Although The CH kitten Look Like Wobbly Drunken Sailors, They Look Funny :D

Rollie, The CHkitten ambassador, is as funny as other normal kittens with his expression that made your hearts melted.

Rollie #1

Adopting the CH kittens will Make You Feel Better

These special needs cats are the ones who need to be adopted. You will feel better as a human being. There is something magical about CH kitten, you will see the cat growing better and better and it is not difficult to train them to be as active as the normal one.


You, Will, Learn Much Inspiration from Them

Rollie doesn’t feel different from other cats, he thought he is normal. He is such a great inspiration for us as he never gives up learning to walk and actively playing with other animals.


So, do you think you will have another Rollie? :D Let’s save them! A lot of CH Kittens ended up being euthanized. Support Rollie and others like him by having his gear! Rollie's store

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This is amazing thank you for doing sharing Rollie’s story Nx helping raise awareness!!! 😻❀️

Brittany Baker

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