Chloe: The Cat Who Never Gives Up

Chloe: The Cat Who Never Gives Up

On February, Kucicat partnered up with new adorable cat, named Chloe. She is a well-known because of her strong and lovely personalities. Currently, Chloe is 11 months old. She is a lovely domestic short hair girl.

In March 2017, Chloe was rescued by the Kitten Lady Hannah Shaw. She was found in the shelter with a rear leg paralysis. She was a tiny kitten back then. It is suspected that her injury was caused by either being dropped or from a tail pull.

Fortunately, Chloe was adopted by a loving parent. Her parents are Val and Charlie. Both of them discovered their love for Chloe during their honeymoon.

Chloe has lived with her new parent since September 2017. Today, she lives happily with her big brother, Doogie. One of her hobbies is to chase around her big brother.

For all the hard times that Chloe had endured, she is such an amazing cat that has inspired a lot of people to be resilient no matter how hard life hits you down. Even on her two strong legs, she still manages to live her life to the fullest with her beloved brother, Doogie.

No wonder, she is a well-known and loved by many of her furriends because of her inspiring, resilient, determined, and also for her spunky-yet-sweet personality.Β Her popular mantra is Go Chloe Go! No matter what you have been through, remember Chloe’s spirit, keep on going and live your life to the fullest!!!

Please help Chloe to spread her spirit to the world. To support Chloe's mission, Kucicat has partnered up with Chloe to create a collection of Chloe’s gears consisted of t-shirt, hoodie, tops, tote bags, decals, tumbler, and many more. Check out Chloe’s gearsΒ

Follow her story on Instagram: @_gochloego_ and follow us @kucicatcom if you haven't ;)

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Just received tote bag. LOVE LOVE IT!

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