Meet Joey! Cat Who Got Viral on His Cookie Monster Pajamas Costume

Meet Joey! Cat Who Got Viral on His Cookie Monster Pajamas Costume

Have you ever accidentally sent the wrong email to the wrong person? Guess some of you ever did it :D

Well everybody sometimes makes mistakes, even a high-level government institution like the embassy not spared from mistakes.

On mid-October 2018, The US embassy in Canberra, Australia, sent out an amusing email that strays from the typical subject matter one might expect from the government institution. The email, which was titled “meeting”, featured a picture of a cat wearing Cookie Monster-themed pajamas holding a plate of chocolate chip cookies. Recipients of the email were apparently being invited to some event called a “Cat Pajama-Jam”.

Inside the email, there was both a snippet of placeholder text in Latin and recipients were given the option to hit an RSVP tab. Once, when you received the email you probably thinking that “Cat Pajama-Jam” seems like a high-level meeting, but unfortunately, the invitation turned out to be fake.

The U.S. Embassy in Canberra, Australia, apologized on behalf of the State Department, saying the email was merely a “training error” made by one of the new staff that testing out email newsletter platform. US Mission to Australia public affairs counselor, Gavin Sundway, joked that he was Sorry to disappoint those of you who were hoping to attend this “Cat Pajama-Jam” party, but such an event falls well outside their area of expertise.

Later on, it is known that the cat who wore Cookie Monster Pajamas is Joey @my_furry_babies. Joey’s owner is an Australian named Jennifer, who is noted for sharing images of her pets dressed up. The Cookie Monster image first became a viral sensation in 2015. But another photo of Joey gained international notoriety this year after Drew Barrymore @drewbarrymore shared a photo of Joey in May earning over 200k likes.

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