Have you met Moshow - The Cat Rapper?

Have you met Moshow - The Cat Rapper?

Moshow The Cat Rapper

Moshow loves cats, he has 5 adorable cats at home - Black $avage, Sushi, Tali, Mega Mam, and DJ Ravioli. You might notice, Moshow cats are sphinxes, a ginger cat, and black cats.

He adopted these cats because he feels the correlation between him and the cats. When he asked on an interview, Moshow said, He loves sphinx cat because "they are bald - just like me". He also encourages people to adopt black cats because these cats are less adopted due to superstitious.

The cats inspired Moshow and he wants to share with other people through the song he sings. He's rapping about cats and share the positive influence to all cat lovers. Even he makes the music video and posting it to Youtube. Today Moshow got a lot of subscribers and he is on a mission to have 1 million views to raise funds for shelter cats. Not only in youtube, Moshow also posting his gorgeous cats in Instagram that has so many followers (by now around 214.000 followers).

He believed that loving animal is important for our lives, we can learn how to love and feel responsible of our pet. One of his song lyrics encourage cat owner not to "declaw" their cats. Moshow has inspired many people around the Globe through his songs.

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