The Tale of Stray Cats

The Tale of Stray Cats

The Tale of Stray Cats

β€œThere are a lot of stray cats around my house. They usually meow and beg for food to passerby. When no one feeds them, they look for leftover food at trash bins. Recently, it has been rainy days. Cold weather and a few leftovers have made the kitties suffer.”

Hi, Furriends. We would like to share Tina's story about the stray cats around her house. In general, the condition of stray cats in Indonesia is miserable. They are often neglected and there are not many animal shelters for them. Moreover, the number of stray cats keep increasing, yet the awareness to save them is low.

When Tina found an online survey with a prize of a bag of Friskies, she was excited to participate. Tina filled in the form, her address, and everything. She also wrote that she did not have any cats but if she won the bag, she would use it to feed stray cats. She almost forgot about it, after waiting for almost a month, finally, the food arrived three days ago. She remembered Orange and Grey, the stray cats that usually roamed around her house. Orange is younger than Grey, while GreyΒ is kind of old. He has bruises on his body. Maybe, he got into a fight with other cats or someone harmed him. However, he was pretty calm and composed.


At first, they hissed when she wanted to pet them. Then after feeding them religiously, they became nice and good kitties. They even like giving her head-buts or leaning on her feet to ask for food.

However, they sometimes fought with each other to protect their own area. Because of it, she fed them separately. Each of them looked happy and enjoyed every piece of the cat food. Tina told us that it was such a relief to see these furbabies eating joyfully.

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