Collection: The Chubby Faced Cat


Alvin, Hloya, and Ikumi are the reason we fall in love with this amazing British Shorthair breed.  Before they enter our life, we always thought cats are animals that are independent and don’t like to get too close to their human.  But these beautiful babies totally prove us wrong!!  We had never thought we would be so lucky to own cats with puppy personality and don’t ever need to worry about potty training.   We are thrilled to see them waiting for us by the door every day when we come home from work, and have some little ones waiting by our feet whenever we cook or bake. They like to cuddle with us in bed, keep our legs warm when we watch tv, and most importantly, they create multiple cute moments for their fans to enjoy throughout the day.   We are happy that our babies can bring so much happiness to other people as well.  As our Chubby Faced Family grows, we hope to continue building a friendship with people all over the world.