How to Promote Your Merch in a Fun Way Without Making Your Audience Feels You're Forcing It

How to Promote Your Merch in a Fun Way Without Making Your Audience Feels You're Forcing It

One of the ways social media influencers’ can do to enhance their personal brand and increase their income is to sell official merchandise. Let’s say you have built your store. You have done your research. You have the merchandise and design that resonates with you and your fan. Now you’re wondering if people are going to buy it or not. Now its time to market your official merchandise be it t-shirts, hoodies, shoes, backpack, etc.

Launch your store in a Bang! Take them by storm.
Create a launching post on all your social media. Be it on Facebook, youtube caption, Facebook post, Instagram post, and story – all of it. Don't be shy to show your excitement that you have official gears and they can have it too! Scheduled posts on different social media platforms following a distinct beginning, middle, and end pattern will be interesting for your audience.

Before we dig deeper into the promotion strategy, if you’re still wondering how to build an official merchandise store for FREE with all the work taken care of, you can go here.

Having a strong promo strategy is vital to success here and it’s important to come up with fresh ways to encourage your followers to buy your merch. Promoting a product doesn't have to be directly screaming “hey buy my product”, what you can do is actually showing how wonderful it is to have your merchandise line at home or to wear.

Accessibility is key

Add your store links be it in swipe up links, Instagram highlights, links on bio, Facebook, and youtube caption. You have all the channels that you need to add your store links to your social media. Make it as very easy as possible for your audience to find it and tell them where to find it. Answer their questions if they're asking you on where to find it and engage with them in a fun and positive way. More on these will be breakdown further with each platform context below.

In this article, we’ll show you the practical ways about what you can do on your social media to launch and promote your merchandise smartly and creatively. There are 2 main basic elements that you can refine to promote your merchandise line without scaring your audience away to unfollow you, which are maximizing social channel to its fullest potential and create a lot of creative content.

Let’s discuss it one by one. Social media channel is the biggest opportunity where you can connect with your audience directly and at scale. The biggest social media players are Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. However, Pinterest and TikTok is also a good avenue for you to explore.


Maximizing social channel to its fullest potential like an expert

A. Youtube

Youtube is a video sharing platform where you share a longer type of video. The good length of a video on youtube is 10 minutes or more. To maximize Youtube to its fullest potential, here are some things you can do with youtube:

  1. Dedicated merch video is a cool way to launch

You can have a funny or cool theme video revolved around the merchandise :D


  1. Content wearing your own merch can be a soft selling way

Whether you have a tutorial video, cooking recipe, or any other usual content that you usually have, wear your gears so that your audience can see it in real life :D Plus its unintrusive product placement.


  1. Mention merch at the end or in between video - great intermezzo

Give 1 minute in the middle of your video to mention your merch and get people to notice. You can also do it at the end of the video.



  1. Youtube caption make your store link alive

Add your store link on your youtube caption and encourage people to click it.


  1. Take it to the next level via youtube Merch Shelf

Youtube now has its own program called Merch Shelf. To get approved with the Merch Shelf program on youtube you need at least 10,000 subscribers to your channel. See your eligibility to add a website link on your youtube, by clicking the official link from youtube here.

Once approved, you can simply turn it on by doing the steps below:

Bring your youtube to the next level by having your merch on every video and be creative! :) 


B. Instagram

Instagram is the biggest platform to share your awesome pictures! Now they also let you add video more than 1-minute with IGTV. This is a great opportunity for you to share the knowledge that you know or share longer content. Here are some ways on how you can maximize your Instagram channel to promote your merchandise,

  1. Swipe up links is a fun way to showcase a series of stories

Add swipe up links on your stories. To do this, you need at least 10K followers. This is especially powerful to showcase your merchandise varieties, how is it looks like and encourage people to swipe up at the end of your multiple stories


  1. Link on bio maximize your gears exposure

Instagram has only one link where we can add any website links which is a link in the bio. You can add your store link there and encourage people to check it out via Instagram posts and stories.


  1. Highlights story - longer awareness

If you want your stories to stay for over 24 hours, you can highlight those stories on your profile. This way people get easy access to get something from your store.


  1. Instagram Post - The most premium place to reach the most eyeballs.

Create a fun post. Be it photos from multiple angles and themes or funny videos, you can use your wild creativity and freedom to create the best content to highlight your merchandise. You can use it in multiple scenarios or simply take pictures of it on multiple locations if that’s more of your style. The possibility is endless.

Don’t forget to let people know where they can find it by encouraging them to hit the link on your bio when you have created the content for maximum exposure.


C. Facebook

Facebook is a huge place to explore and play with. You can join passionate groups, create a business page, create a photo album, upload videos, reply to comments, message people, and many more. Here are tips and tricks and some ways on how you can maximize your Facebook channel and presence:

  1. Facebook captions are easy to find and a clickable link

Add a picture or a couple of pictures of your gears on your Facebook page and add the store links on that picture caption. You can also create a simple video and encourage people to check on your store at the end of the video.

The great thing about the Facebook post is unlike Instagram you can have a live link where people can click directly from the post to your store. This is really convenient for the audience so they don’t need to be redirected to hit the link on bio or swipe like Instagram.


  1. Comments with a live link - encourage people to engage with you

Another amazing opportunity is for you to reply to comments or direct people to other content on the comment section. You can answer people's questions with a live link on the comment section and direct people to click it to go to your store!


  1. Change website links - make your store front and center

If you have a Facebook page, you can go to about section and change your website link there for maximum exposure.

Follow the below steps to add your website link to your Facebook page:

1. Go to your Facebook page profile.

2. Click "About" under your profile picture to enter editing mode.


3. Click the "Edit" button in the Contact Info section.

4. Type the URL of your website in the Website text box.

5. Click "Save" to update your information.


Explore Creative Content

Getting the creative content and create it multiple times will definitely a good formula to take the internet by storm. Don’t be afraid or shy to wear your merchandise, showcase it on how it looks like and create a fun video with it.

Insert your stories or part of you in the content, be it funny, cool, or both. Insert these elements inside the content to give soul to it.

A. Photos

Take a picture of the merchandises from a different angle, a picture of the merchandise laying on the bed with all the other things that can complement it like shown below,


Picture of it where you wear it while doing the things that you love,


Picture of it when you go outside and do dog walking,


Picture of it when you are at home enjoying me-time,


There over 100 possibilities and situations you can explore with your gears and just to make people fall in love with your gears over and over again. Marketing expert suggests getting your audience to see your products or service at least 7 times to make them remember it on their head.

B. Videos

Videos are where the real fun begins. If you like to dance, you can dance using your own merchandise as the example below:


If you’re able to be more creative, you can create a magic video as shown below from our influencers Roo and Bamei,

On this video, Roo’s mom is snapping her finger and suddenly Roo’s appear on her arms,

On this video, Bamei’s dad shows how Bamei with her hat can turn into a funny t-shirt,


Another idea is to create a story video. Describe a situation about your journey so far and what you do to help others. It can be a powerful way for you to increase reach to your audience.

Last but not least be creative. Now that you understand how to use the platform and the context on which to use for what content, its time to look for inspiration what content you can create. Here are some content ideas on what you can do to promote your merch in a fun way without making your customer feels that you force them down their throat or unfollow your channel.


Wear it! Action speaks louder.

By wearing your merchandise and showing to the audience how cool it would be to have your merch will make them excited to have one. Show your followers you believe in your product! Wearing your merch in your posts is a great way to generate interest and keep merch on the minds of your followers. Giving it out to other influencers or friends to do the same is another way to gain more coverage.

Involve your followers - way to engage them in a fun way

Getting your followers involved with your merch promotion is an essential element of any successful merch campaign. There are 2 easy ways to do this.

A. Ask for shares

Ask your followers to spread the word on their profiles, especially if they made a purchase. This is an effective strategy when your merch is raising money for a cause or if your work is highly socially- or politically-motivated.

B. Ask for pictures

Choose a special hashtag, then ask your fans who ordered a shirt to post a photo of themselves wearing it. Ask for permission, then repost their photo and publicly thank them. This is a fantastic way to promote your artwork, music, or lifestyle brand.

Once you’ve started selling your merch you can generate even more hype by sharing pictures and posts of your followers wearing it. Give them a mention or shout outs! These are a great way to engage with your fans and encourage others to join the community. Get as closer to your audience as possible, be their friends!

Run competitions or giveaway to raise awareness

Competitions are another great way to promote your merch. Offering free merch for shares or engagement is another way to encourage more engagement from your followers.

Create a fun video - show how enjoyable it is to have it!

There are a ton of ways you can create a fun video. You can show the audience the unboxing video to build the fun. You can create a video with magic theme, cooking theme, musical theme, dancing, and many more. Combined your passion and hobby with the merch. If you love comedy it’s a fun way to wear it while creating your content jokes.

Ask an influencer's friend to give a shout out about you, collaborate to create fun content.

Ask a friend to share about your store or comments on your post to build the hype. If you’re creating and promoting custom band merch or t-shirts for your business, consider incorporating your shirt into a creative swag bag! These are a perfect way to thank bloggers, influencers, or publications when your work is featured in reports on the local music or business scenes. Aside from thank-you, custom swag bags are a smart promotional tool for reaching out to important new contacts, as well.


Tell your audience a little bit story about you - be close to your audience.

Tell them stories on why you’re creating the content that you create. Tell them how you feel and how excited you are in creating the merchandise line. If you create it to help a charity, show them you’re wearing it while visiting the charity that you love.

If you create the merch to encourage your fans to wear it on your musical performance, then wear one when you do your musical performance. If you love to do sport, wear it after your sports match and show your audience how you’re thankful to have them follow your sports journey. 

Positive energy is contagious, if you’re excited about the merchandise, your audience will too! Keep sharing that positive vibes.

After you do all that, let us know how it affects your merchandise promotion!  We would like to hear back from you :)

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