Why cats have a flabby belly?

Why cats have a flabby belly?

If you have a cat at home, you might notice a slim and slender cat have a flabby belly hanging when they walk. Some of you might think your cat ate too much and some others might think it is a lump that could bring disease.

Well don't worry, the flabby belly mostly fat. It is what we called "Primordial Pouch".

Most of the time, a cat that has been spayed or neuter, they'll have excess skin or fat hanging on their stomach near their back leg. Its a myth tho, a big wild cat might also have it.

Now you might ask what is it for?

1. Helps cat to hold extra food

A cat might now always find the source of food in the wild. They have the primordial pouch as extra storage to hold a little energy.

2. Help cats when fighting

The pouch holds extra padding to protect the cat during the fight. Cats usually kick each other in their belly using their hind legs.

3. Helps to move freely

The pouch allows a cat to jump higher and stretch longer to do running, jumping and twisting.

There you have it :D so don't worry about getting your cat fewer meals just because they have a little extra flab on their belly ;) its normal for them. If you do need some exercise toys for your cat, you can see some of the items here.

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