Rexie Cat Inspiring Story - Disability Does Not Mean Inability

Rexie Cat Inspiring Story - Disability Does Not Mean Inability

Rexie is a lively 3 years old cat. Although he has a bad backbone injury, his disability does not stop him from living his life to the fullest. He loves playing toys, chasing bugs, napping, and posing at the camera! Rexie shows us that disability does not mean inability.

We are honoured to feature Rexie as one of our inspiring celeb cats. Last month, we got a chance to interview Rexie’s meowmy about the story of the amazing Rexie.

Rexie was adopted at the age of 3 months old from a family that rescued animals. It was the first time when his meowmy met him. His meowmy, Dasha Minaeva, said that she was captivated by Rexie’s courageous story. Although Rexie is a disabled, he is not different from any other cat! He still enjoys life and plays a lot, he is very energetic and eager to live each day. What is more, he loves to make cute facial expressions!

At home, he loves to nap a lot like all cats do, but he also enjoys running around chasing bugs and playing with his toys. Rexie is also very cuddly and loves to knead!

When we discovered his story, we were moved with this little sweetheart’ struggle, so we would like to support his meowssion and spread his amazing story.

Behind the happiness that Rexie shows, he has a heart-wrenching past. He was mistreated by people and ended up with a broken backbone. However, he loves to entertain people because sometimes he acts like a goof!

Rexie has a special message to his furriends all over the world. He said that every animal deserves a chance to live. Even if they might be or look different, it doesn't mean they have less love and willingness to live!

Vardise supports Rexie’s meowssion and is honoured to help him spreading his spirit to the world! Our meowssion is to help stray cats in Indonesia and help them to be neutered and spayed. 

Support Rexie by having his cool t-shirt and help him to spread his amazing story to the world! Check out Rexie's gears now!

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