Have You Met a Smiling Cat?

Have You Met a Smiling Cat?

Hi Cat people!

Meet Ollie the Polite cat. You might have seen him somewhere be it in a meme on the internet or on Instagram. Why is he so polite and always smiling? Here is the background story about Ollie.


Once in a time, there was an almighty big bang, and the universe was reborn. As all things became, a very special part formed into a cat named Ollie! From a place where it just happened to be polite, Ollie found that if he used his mind, and smiled politely, he could make wonderful things happen! And so returned some carrots into space rockets, to began his journey.

Ollie The Polite Cat

After Ollie made the rockets out of the carrots by his smile, he started heading out into space for that long journey! A while later, he saw a planet, now called ‘’Earth’’. He saw this planet looks so green and positive, so he thought he will go and land on this beautiful looking planet. After landing on earth, he felt a negative energy! Ollie was expecting positive vibes from such a beautiful looking place, because of the green color and bright blue sea, so Ollie had an idea, what was ahead of him!

When the time was right, Ollie had a good thought about bringing his fellow friends to Earth and making an agreement with the people of the earth, that we will stay and be by your side as a friend, a carer and to share some love. People on Earth agreed as they love Ollie and his friends (who you now know as cats) so much. They spread more and more happiness around the world, to keep people company, with calm and peace in mind, away from negativity!

As what we call time! Passes on, before Ollie goes, Ollie says there is no such thing as time, beginning or end. The time is now, you have always been! There are infinite never-ending possibility's of life, same goes, like the love that never ends, or broken apart, love and life have always been here in every timeline of all the possibilities.


When the day comes, and Ollie has passed on to the spirit realm, Ollie knew that the body could not live forever, and knows that the spirit cannot die, Ollie's reincarnation as a Cat again. Thousands of years later! And ten thousand years before, it was felt like a split second from his last breath to the first breath, into a new life! Born into the same earth that he helped once before! Ollie grows, remembering bits of his past!

Ollie dreams of things that he had done before, each dream he has, the more he's started to remember! It is so strong! He will become all that is true, just like all of us! Look at the world, how it was before! People got greedy! We need to sort things on this, we have one planet! We call home, let us live together, in peace and harmony, from the greatest to the smallest all things should be free! No beginning no end! Love from Ollie, and all one in the time now!

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