Polite Cat Meme Went Viral - Can a Cat Possibly Smile?

Polite Cat Meme Went Viral - Can a Cat Possibly Smile?

A lot of people speculate about Ollie the Polite Cat - a smiling cat that goes viral on the internet. But is the smile real?

Before we got into that question, let's discuss why it went viral? Ollie the polite cat first goes viral in June 2018 on 9gag post.

That picture is used in a meme conversation between landlord and apartment renter.

Over the next two days, people are going crazy over it and shared it on Reddit and Twitter. On July 3rd, the post was shared on the subreddit /r/GoodFakeTexts (7,300 points, 94% upvoted), /r/BadFakeTexts (4,400 points, 89% upvoted), /r/MemeEconomy (15,000 points, 94% upvoted) and more.[1]Β 

From there a lot of people creating meme out of Ollie the Polite Cat picture. They post it in Reddit, Instagram and twitter - basically everywhere online.

Now you might be wondering, is the smile real or fake? is Ollie a magical cat?

Physically, based on the contour of a cat chin, its impossible for a cat to smile. So the internet has been crazy looking for the original source of Polite Cat Ollie.

On July 9th, 2018, the Instagram account @Khan_Amon_Ra popped up, and it claimed to be the cat’s owner. The Instagram account certainly appeared like the real thing, although that account was supposedly β€œhacked” and later reopened asΒ @Polite_cat_olli_officialΒ on the service instead.

Khan the owner onΒ @Polite_cat_olli_officialΒ posted a normal post of Ollie once in a while. So if you have been following Ollie for a while you'll see it ;)

However, a lot of people love Polite cat ollie no matter what. Smiling or not Ollie has been the Polite Boi of the feline family.

Go follow ollie on Instagram and get his official cute gear right HERE.




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