Reveal 7 Ways To Maximize Earnings From Your Social Media Channel Without Scaring Your Audience Away

Reveal 7 Ways To Maximize Earnings From Your Social Media Channel Without Scaring Your Audience Away

Now that you have a couple of thousands of followers on Instagram and you start wondering how to make money from your channel but not sure whether or not reaching out to a brand or business is a good idea or if you sell something people would buy.

Whatever it might be, this article will guide you through on how to make money on social media and to build your personal brand in the long term.

Before you start to monetize your channel, there are some basics you need to know to establish your rapport with your audience.

1. High-Quality Content Will Get People Attention and Make Them Loyal To You

By high quality meaning that your content is actually providing a lot of value to the readers. Remember, the more your content can help your audience the better. There are two criteria of high-quality content that are emotionally captivating and or thought-provoking.

Let's break it down one by one:

A. What is emotional captivating content?

Based on studies, there are at least 27 human emotions which are:

  • Admiration
  • Adoration
  • Aesthetic Appreciation
  • Amusement
  • Anxiety
  • Awe
  • Awkwardness
  • Boredom
  • Calmness
  • Confusion
  • Craving
  • Disgust
  • Empathetic pain
  • Entrancement
  • Envy
  • Excitement
  • Fear
  • Horror
  • Interest
  • Joy
  • Nostalgia
  • Romance
  • Sadness
  • Satisfaction
  • Sexual desire
  • Sympathy
  • Triumph

Humans have so many emotions. Your content should capture one of those emotions that are engaging to your audience. Surely most of the time people would choose positive feelings more than the negative ones. If you do need to share your sad feelings, make sure that it would also garner sympathy from the people. Humour and fun are the most common emotions that people use in their content, as these emotions would make people excited and make their day a little bit better.

b. It has to be thought-provoking

What do we mean by this is to make your audience think seriously about the matter. If you care about an issue that you think people should also pay attention to, make sure you tell your audience why. You want your content to be intriguing for people, come up with a question that you think people should think about so that it got their attention why they should care about it.

Another way to do it is to get people inspired by your story. Think of this way, there are a lot of stories out there, why there only be certain stories that absorb people's attention? That is provocative, captivating, or exciting? Facts do tell, but the story that will make it go along the way. When you present facts with storytelling, people will lean into more acceptance rather than debating on what you have to say.

2. Get Your Audience Exciting by Engaging with Them

Nobody would like boring content. Any content which can spark a conversation for the reader is great content. Social media is the right avenue for you to test what kind of content that people like or don't like by observing their comments. Think of it this way, when you post and produce a piece of content people will react to, some will react positively and others would react negatively which are a good sign.

That means you have gained large enough attention that's why it does spark conversation. You have to get used to it. If you do want more people to think and comment more positively, reply to some of their comments. If they do comment negatively, think of a way to turn their point of view around. By actually replying once to some of the comments, social media platforms be it Facebook or Instagram will award you handsomely. They'll show your content to more people, this way it will increase your reach and personal brand awareness.

3. Take your Content and Expertise to The Next Level by Engaging in a Forum or Community

If you're really passionate about sport, music, gaming, or animal. Join their Facebook group where people come and share their passion. Engage in conversation, comment in other people's posts, and actually post something that gives some insights or values to the people in that group.

There are a lot of mediums where you can share your thoughts or content. You can use mediums to share blogs or long articles. You can go to Reddit to see what are the people and community talk about. You can go to Quora to ask or answer the questions that your audience is asking. You can also create a tutorial video on youtube or a podcast for your story. Whatever it might be consume and produce the content that would help you to build your credibility in front of your audience.

Now after you have built your rapport and showing that you're an expert in the field. You might be asking how do I monetize my channel? Would people go away once I start promoting a product or brand?

Now let's get into the meat on how you can make your channel as money-making machine and maximizing its potential without scaring people away, to unsubscribe or unfollow your channel

There are many ways to monetize your channel, the most common one would be to endorse other people's products or to sell affiliate products from Amazon. 

But the question is, how to promote your brand or other people's products without annoying your audience with many promotions. 

Here are some ways how you can promote your brand without making people unfollowed your channel. 

1. Selling Your Own Product or Official Merchandise Line 

You might be thinking that selling your own merchandise line might not be working well. Like why would people buy your merchandise in the first place? However, we found there are at least 3 reasons why people buy influencer merchandise: 

a. They wanted to look cool.

b. They want to support the influencers.

c. It's a great quality product 

If you really come up with cool gears with a cool or nice design that connects with your audience on a personal level, it would surely make an impact. You can use the merchandise as a powerful tool for you to inspire others or show what you believe in. 

It can be daunting at first to have your own product line, you have to find the right design to go with, the right quality of product or vendor, pick and pack the product, get it up and running on an online store as well as ship it to your customer. However, it can worth your time it can be earning your income on the clockwork even when you sleep. 

Think of any product and goods that usually use on a daily basis. What if you have that product with your name or logo on it? You don't have to reinvent the wheel and create those products from scratch. You just need to find a partner who can help you out through the whole process and actually want to make your brand alive.

Vardise is one of merchandising platform out there who will do end to end services and make your dream merchandise store alive. Be it designing, production, customer shipping, packing, and fulfillment, or even additional promotion by social media advertising - all the heavy duties will be done by us. If its something that interests you to optimize earnings from your social media channel, simply go to this page to learn more. 

2. Do Brand Endorsement by Reviewing Their Products To Help People Decide Their Purchase 

By reviewing a product or service, you turn the "promotion" mode into trying to help your audience to choose a product before they deciding to buy that particular product. This way you turn a promotion into an informative and honest review to help other people. 

The best way to start is by seeing what are the products and services that you use and contact that particular brand or business and say that you're willing to review their product and services if they gave you their product for FREE.

Should some brands actually approach you to promote their product that you don't necessarily use, make sure that the product is relevant to your passion and audience. You also need to make sure that you know the kind of message that you'll convey to your audience to get them excited. 

Make sure you have your rate card ready to send that particular brand that wants you to promote their product. Rate card or promotional post cost can be different from one influencer to another, most of the time media count it by CPM or cost per mile - cost per 1000 views. So the numbers would vary based on the number of followers, content views, likes, and comments of your posts.

Remember, you would also create content be it post or video for that particular brand, so make sure that your rate card would also include the cost of you are making the content for them.

3. Promote a Product by Creating a Tutorial or Demonstrating That Product or Service

Creating a tutorial of a product, for example, makeup products can be a great way to show your passion to the audience. Besides your audience will also find the information that you gave them valuable and keep watching and coming back to your channel. You can create the tutorial in a fun way so that people get excited and lit a spark in them. This especially works well for products that need a demonstration.

You can also demonstrate a product in a creative way by creating a video story on a situation when is the people will most likely use it for in what condition? You can describe those situations that might relate to a person on how or where they can use the product by showing a daily situation in a video format.

4. Sell Products and Services That You Truly Love Via Affiliate Marketing

As you might have heard about the Amazon affiliate program and other affiliate product offer that you can do. If you personally use a product and like it, and know that your followers serve to benefit from it, then write a long-form review on your blog, and share why you like the product. Don't be afraid to talk about what you like and don't like it. You can even use video if that's more your style. 

The great thing about the affiliate product is that you'll always get commission along the way if you know you can sell a lot of the products. Really, there's no limit to the amount of commission you can have. It keeps going even when you sleep. You only need to do the promotional stuff, you don't have to think about creating the product, pick and pack it for the customer or do all the backend heavy-duty stuff.

Besides, you can talk to that particular brand and ask whether you can be their affiliate. When a brand notices that you're not only a loyal customer but also selling their product and service, you can be their brand representative. Who knows you might get a lifetime subscription for that particular drinks that you love the most.

5. Brand Ambassador: A Gateway for A Long Time Deal and Partnership

If you feel in love with a brand that is so you and you use their product and you believe in what they have to offer, become a brand ambassador is a no brainer option to choose. Brand ambassador deal would normally be an extended contract lasting for at least a couple of months instead of just a one-off partnership. In some cases, the contract may last for several years as well.

When you’re a brand rep or a brand ambassador, you’ll get free products from the brand. In exchange, you’ll have to promote these products on social media. Some brands may pay an additional fee for every piece of content their ambassadors create. Or there may also be a compensation clause in which you earn a percentage or a fixed sum for every conversion you drive. So depending on the negotiation that you have with the brand, you will get all these perks for you.

You can look for top brands that offer a brand ambassador program and see if those brands would be suitable for you. Or you can even check out whether or not some of your favorite brands have an ambassador program you could sign up for. This is especially helpful even if you don't even have a massive following on your channel. As long as you have an audience that keeps engaging with your content, you're good to go.

6. Sell Information Products on Things That You Really Passionate and Expert On 

If you already have a blog, and you've demonstrated your expertise on a specific subject over a period of time, there may be an opportunity to create an ebook, audio program or video course and sell it to your audience. Social media is the perfect place to promote such a product. 

Leverage your content selling game by using Patreon. You can offer exclusive experience with your fans on Patreon or offer an in-depth content version of the tutorial and behind the scene via Patreon. You can give a secret recipe if you're into cooking or get early access to the music and song that you're currently working on. The possibility is endless. 

7. Help people one on one and show your expertise by being a consultant or coach 

As you build your personal brand or credibility through social media, some people might have reached out to you asking about a lot of things related to your expertise and passion. Build a community around it and be their consultant or coach to actually help them to go to the next level. 

You can start by creating a FREE small Facebook group where your fans can interact on a specific topic to help each other. You can try to create a one on one phone session for those who specifically need a consultation with you for your expertise. You can also become a basketball coach for those who might need the first-hand experience from you. Anything that needs your time and energy to help to build other people's reputation and businesses can be a way for you to be valuable for your audience. You can lead in and hook some of the people who tried to reach out to you by DM or email to work together with you.

Let's Recap All the Things You Can Do with Your Channel

If you really want to make money from your social media and optimize the income from your channel, you should do what it takes to get there. Only great content that captivates attention - not the boring one that will electrocute people to listen to what you have to say. You'll be the magnet for people to give their attention to and actually spend some seconds of their busy day to leave you comment be it positive and negative.

By being helpful and giving back to the community by proving one point at a time would level up the quality of your content. When you do have a loyal follower who is eager to know what are you doing and why they haven't heard back from you. That's where you know you do give them value to their day. Promoting your brand or other people's brand doesn't have to be shouting "hey, buy my products" - but it can be done in a fun, sweet and helpful way with the attention to help others.

If you find this article helpful and it is something that you can apply to your life please do let us know by emailing us - we would love to hear back from you.

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