Moe Grey and Chloe: Two Rescues Cats Who Can Steal Your Heart

Moe Grey and Chloe are both Rescues cats from Minnesota, USA

Moe is 7 years old Solid  Blue Mitted Ragdoll & Chloe is 9 years old Tabby Calico. They both have Social Media accounts using to help cats find forever homes. Moe Grey is a Social cat he likes to greet people. He does have a grumpy face at times but very sweet. He likes to be the center of attention. As for Chloe, she is more shy likes to come up to people on her turns.
My sister had Chloe and her brother Friday (Friday is a Tuxedo). They weren't getting along, so my sister called me and ask if I want a kitten and I said: "Yes I do". So, I went over to my sister house and that's how I meant Chloe. Chloe was very tiny with big ears. Just one look at her I was in love. Moe I meant over at my dad's house, OMG when I first saw Moe I couldn't believe how beautiful he was and very talkative. He ran over to me wanted to play. He jumped up on my lap looking up at me with his beautiful green eyes and soft fur. One day my dad called me and my sister asking us if we could take Moe and we both said yes, Ever since then, I've been Mama to Moe. I added the Grey to his name started his page in 2014 just to show pictures of him to the cat lovers.
Fun fact, Moe Grey likes to scoop out his catnip with his paw. He can walk on a leash. Chloe likes to scoop out dry food and test tasting wet food with her paw.  She loves little mice toys. When she was a kitten she would carry the mice toy in her mouth.
They both are sweet and loving cats. You can find them on Facebook and InstagramClick the button to check out Moe collections :D

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