Don't let your fans wait weeks
before their order will be shipped out!

At Fanfiber we supply you with a wide range of high quality On Demand products all the way through to more custom products. Whatever it is you had in mind, we aim to cater for you! We ship daily. We don't use 'campaigns' to let your fans wait weeks or even months before orders will be shipped out. At Fanfiber we help you set up the fanshop of your dreams and serve your fans the way they deserve. Tell us what you'd like and we'll take care of the rest!

Be yourself! Add a personal touch to your store with exclusive merchandise

We know you can sell more than just lousy t-shirts! If you really want to connect with your fans, try offering them something unique. How about a skateboard, plushie or crop top? Whatever your heart desires, we can deliver! So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

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Why talents love Fanfiber

Shops speak every language

We practiced for years on Duolingo to make sure your shop speaks the same language as your customers.

Money is never an issue

Together with our payment partners we support almost any local payment method available. This means your customer is able to pay no matter his/her age, origin or location.

We travel the world everyday

Fanfiber ships from different warehouses all around the globe. We simply select the warehouse which offers the best shipping timeframe for the designated order. At this point we offer 160 destinations worldwide.

Wide collection of custom products

We can create a wide range of custom products that fit our talents personal tastes, so that your content stays fresh... and so do you!

Your very own personal Talent Manager

We aim to make your merchandising experience hassle free! You will have your own dedicated Talent Manager alongside you every step of the way. If you have a question, query or even a new idea, your Talent Manager will assist and help guide you to achieving your very own premium store. Find the right Talent Manager for you!

No (hidden) charges!

Fanfiber is free to all premium artists, content creators & brands. We deal with a wide variety of content creators from all over the world, so if you feel we're missing out on having you on board, please let us know!

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Real Dashboard

Talent Dashboard



Twitch Notifications

Get a Twitch Notifications with Streamlabs when someone buys something in your store.


Realtime view

Want to know how your shop is doing? Login to your own talent dashboard and get instant insights into your KPI’s.

Fanfiber Fan Design

At Fanfiber we value the connection between talents and their fans. Soon we will launch Fan Design Contests for fans worldwide, where they can win amazing prizes with their own designs!